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What Causes Roof Flashing Damage?

roof flashing damage on shingles
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When you look at a typical roof, you might only see shingles or metal panels. Yet, a roof has many different components, including the flashing made from thin sheets of metal. Companies that provide residential roofing in North Carolina install flashing to direct the flow of rainwater away from a few key areas on the roof—namely, the chimneys, valleys, and walls. Further, its integrity is crucial for keeping the roof in good condition and preventing leaks. However, roof flashing damage can sometimes occur. Here’s how.

Improper installations

One of the most common reasons for damaged roof flashing is improper installation. If the flashing isn’t fastened the right way, it will gradually pull away from the roof. It can happen if the original roofing crew was inexperienced or improperly trained. Another issue related to improper installations is when the nails begin popping out of the roof decking. In almost every case, a nail pop is due to improper installation, and this will cause the flashing to pull away. For instance, the nail may have been driven crookedly, or the roofing crew might have used the wrong ones entirely. This will compromise the flashing and in doing so, compromise the integrity of the roof.

Inclement Weather

Improper installation isn’t the only possible cause of roof flashing damage. It can also occur because of bad weather. For example, high winds, rain and hail can damage the soft metal of the flashing. Also, if a storm takes down a tree limb that falls on your roof, you’re likely to see some damaged roof flashing and probably damaged shingles.

After any major storm, it’s good practice to go outside and take a look around your home. Look at the roof (while your feet are planted firmly on the ground—leave the ladder climbing to the professionals) to see if you notice any obvious signs of damage. If you aren’t sure or see something wrong, call an experienced roofing crew to do an inspection. It’s better to be safe than sorry since roof flashing damage can lead to leaks that can cause additional damage.

Older age of the roof

Metal flashing won’t last forever, and neither will your roof. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, you’re likely to begin seeing some damaged roof flashing, as well as other signs of damage. Over time, the settling of the foundation, and warping due to temperature fluctuations will also take a toll on your roof flashing.

Schedule a free roof inspection in NC today

If you suspect your roof flashing is damaged, call the best roofers in the business. At Premiere Roofing & Gutters, we provide comprehensive roof leak repair services, roof replacements, and gutter installations throughout North Carolina. We’re pleased to serve residents from Wilmington to Hickory and the surrounding areas.

Our expert roofers have years of experience repairing roof flashing on all types of roofs. And if a roof replacement is in your future, you can rest assured that we install 50-year GAF-certified lifetime roofing systems. Contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection.

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