Don't Let Your Roof's Damage Get Worse

Don't Let Your Roof's Damage Get Worse

Get a roof replacement in Blowing Rock & Hickory, NC

When your roof is damaged, you're exposing your home to the elements. Whether it's consistent leaks or damaged shingles, a faulty roof is dangerous. Protect your home with a roof replacement. Premiere Roofing & Gutters provides residential roofing services in Hickory, NC. We'll assess the state of your roof and suggest the best roof replacement that complements your home.

Our team handles every aspect of your service, from installation to cleaning up. We'll even provide a full inspection to make sure everything is installed properly.

If you need residential roofing services in Hickory, NC, call 828-640-7320 today for your free estimate.

Common signs that indicate you need a roof replacement

It's difficult to know when you need a simple repair or an entire roof replacement. Understanding the signs will help you determine when it's time to call a professional. Check out the most common indications that you need a roof replacement:

  • Your roof is 25 years old
  • The shingles are missing or curled
  • Animals and pests are entering your home

These are severe signs that need immediate attention. If you're experiencing any of the above indicators, call us now to schedule your roof replacement in Hickory, NC.