Roof Pricing In North Carolina

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Your new roof cost is determined by a number of factors. These include:

  • The roofing material you prefer: options include asphalt shingles, metal panels, slate, and cedar shakes.
  • The number of penetrations on the roof: by “penetration,” we mean objects like skylights, vents, and chimneys.
  • The size and design of the roof: including its square footage and its pitch.
  • The condition of the decking: “decking” refers to the wooden boards that make up the underside of the roof. If any of these require replacement, it will impact the final cost of the job.
  • Miscellaneous fees

Let’s look at these roof pricing variables in more detail.

Roofing Materials

The materials you choose will have a significant impact on your new roof price. Here’s a look at four options from least to most expensive:

  1. Asphalt shingles: This is a popular and affordable material regarding roof replacement costs. Properly installed, asphalt shingles typically last from 15-20 years, sometimes longer.
  2. Wooden shingles and shakes: Typically made of cedar or redwood, these products are highly resistant to water damage and can give your home a pleasing rustic appearance.
  3. Metal: Today’s anti-corrosive coatings keep metal roofing looking great and doing its job for 50 years or longer. Keep this fact in mind when considering metal roof costs.
  4. Slate: Strong, energy-efficient, and naturally beautiful, a slate roof can last 100 years or longer. While the sheer cost of this material will impact your average roof cost, it will probably be the last roof your home will ever need.
grey shingle roofing on home
Asphalt Shingle Roof
standing seam metal roof nc
Standing Seam Metal Roof
Ribbed (Corrugated) Metal Roof

Average North Carolina Roofing Prices

Roof TypeAeverage Cost Per Sq. Ft.Small House (2,000 Sq. ft.) – Average EstimateMedium House (4,000 Sq. ft. ) – Average EstimateLarge House (6,000 Sq. ft) – Average Estimate
Shingle Roof$3.30 – $5.50 sq.ft$6,000$12,000$18,000
Multi Rib Metal Roof$4.50 – $7.50 sq ft$9,000$18,000$27,000
Standing Seam Metal Roof $10.00 – $18.00 sq ft$28,000 $56,000 $84,000
Davinci Synthetic Shake Roof $10.00 – $18.00 sq ft $28,000 $56,000 $84,000
*Roofing Prices are subject to change depending on various variables in roofing. We will give you an exact estimate after inspection.
**Shingle Roofs are installed with a 50 year HDZ GAF roofing system. Premiere is a GAF Master Elite Contractor.
**Standing Seam Roofs and Davinci Shake Roofs are installed with lifetime roofing guarantee

Roof Penetrations

Virtually any roof will have vents, skylights, or chimneys. As noted above, in the roofing trade, these are known as “penetrations.” Your contractor will need to install special materials around these fixtures to guard against water and wind damage. This can easily affect roofing prices.

Size and Design

Most roofing contractors charge per square foot. Extra fees are sometimes added for a roof with complex angles or an unusually steep pitch. That’s because the contractor may need to take special safety precautions or use advanced fitting techniques to complete the job.

Condition of the Decking

As mentioned before, your roof’s decking is the wood planking that underlies the shingles or other exterior materials. It’s not unusual for these planks to suffer rot or other forms of damage due to rain, wind, or snow. Therefore, replacing them will substantially affect your roof cost.

Miscellaneous Fees

These will vary somewhat from one location to the next. They can include:

  • Recycling or waste disposal fees: many dumpsites and landfills charge extra for disposing of construction materials.
  • Accessibility or distance issues: homes located a great distance away from the contractor or hard to access due to geographical or landscaping features can cost more to reroof.
  • HOA Covenant or Association fees: some homeowner associations levy special charges on contractors such as roofers. These expenses are figured into the final estimate.

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