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Our Comprehensive Services


Whether you just have a leak or need a brand new roof, our team will get the work done with the best materials to get your roof back to top condition.

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Commercial business owners trust Premiere Roofing for roof repairs and replacements thanks to our price-conscious solutions and emphasis on long-term relationships.

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If you own a resort, apartment complex, or condominium complex, rely on our team to navigate everything from the large project scope down to the smallest details.

Make Your Business’s Roof Last Longer

Getting a new roof for your business can be really pricey. What if you could skip that expense? We have a cool roof coating tech that can help. This special coating creates a strong shield that stops the roof from getting smaller or bigger, which means less cracking and no water damage. Plus, it bounces back sunlight, keeping the roof safe and cutting down your cooling bills

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Ensuring Happiness from the First Call to the Final Cleanup

Step 1:

Get In Touch

Call or fill out an online form to get in contact with our team. We’ll promptly schedule time to come to your property.

Step 2:

Inspection & Estimate

During the inspection our team will analyze all factors to help you choose the best and most professional solution.

Step 3:

Proposal & Deposit

When you’re ready to start your project, you’ll sign the proposal and deposit the first half of your payment.

Step 4:

Work Begins

We show up on time on your scheduled service date and complete the work to the highest industry standards.

Step 5:

Job Site Cleanup

When the work is complete, we’ll thoroughly clean your property, perform a quality check, and collect the final payment.

5 Signs It's Time to Coat Your Commercial Roof

Think of your commercial roof as not just a cover, but a key part of your business's backbone. It keeps your stuff safe and your team protected, showing just how important it really is. But, tough weather and regular wear and tear can take a toll on even the strongest roofs. That's where adding a roof coating comes in handy. It's a smart and budget-friendly move to help your roof last longer and stand up better to weather damage. Wondering if your commercial roof needs a coating? Look out for these signs.

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1) Age: 

When your roof nears or exceeds its expected lifespan, it’s important to consider applying a coating. Older roofs may experience leaks, cracks, and overall deterioration, issues that a protective coating can help address.

2) Leaks and Water Damage: 

Observing water stains on ceilings or walls, pooled water on the roof, or clear signs of water damage indicates a likely breach in the roof’s waterproofing. Applying a roof coating can improve this protective layer, stopping additional water infiltration and preventing further damage to the building.

3) Cracking and Blistering: 

Cracks, blisters, or bubbles appearing on the surface of the roof indicate a decline in structural strength. Such defects may result in leaks and diminish the roof’s ability to withstand wind and environmental challenges. Coating the roof can address these issues, providing an additional layer of protection.

4) Rising Energy Costs: 

A rise in energy costs could suggest that poor insulation due to a deteriorating roof is to blame. By adding a reflective coating to the roof, energy efficiency can be improved through diminished heat absorption, which helps keep your building cooler in the summer and cuts down on cooling expenses.

5) Constant Repairs: 

If you’re frequently fixing your roof or facing ongoing maintenance problems, considering a roof coating could be the solution. This approach addresses the root causes and offers lasting protection, which could save you time and money in the future.

Custom Roofing Options for Beech Mountain Businesses

Tired of one-size-fits-all roofing? At Premiere, we know every business owner is different. We think about your budget, our local weather, and how much maintenance you’re up for. What you get is a roof made just for you, so you can focus on what really matters in your life.

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Five-Star Pricing, Quality, and Service


Donna Bumgarner


Starting a total remodel on this 2005 double wide. First off has been a new roof and gutters. We could not be more pleased in the work from Premiere Roofing & Gutters.…


Doug Knight


My job ended up being a little more complex than the original estimate I received for the job. Premiere sent Pete out to make sure the job was done correctly and with…


Rebecca Sherrill


Noah and his teams are true professionals. They are timely and skilled to do a beautiful job. My roof was completed in one day and my roof and new gutters look great.…


John Thornton


The whole experience was wonderful from the roof inspection , scheduling the roof replacement, the quality of the products offered, the workmanship, and the cleanup. The roof replacement price was competitive and…


Carmen Jackson


We met with the Premiere Roofing Rep. and reviewed their proposal, for shingle Replacement, on July 19. We had trouble deciding on a new shingle, so they provided us with multiple options.…

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