Roofing in Charlotte NC

Charlotte is known as the “Queen City,” which is the perfect term for this thriving community. Where else will you find both towering skyscrapers and down-home hospitality? Yet, like all communities, our homes and commercial structures suffer from problems caused by worn-out roofing and missing or damaged gutters. These issues will only grow worse if overlooked.

When misfortune strikes, it’s good to know that there’s a roofing contractor in Charlotte NC, you can trust. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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Metal roofing installation in Charlotte

It’s easy to see why everyone is talking about metal roofing in Charlotte NC. Modern metallic roofs stay quiet, are energy efficient, and remain beautiful for decades. There’s no better way to protect your home or business while enjoying long-term savings on your utility bills.

Installing or servicing a metal roof is a highly skilled profession that’s beyond the reach of most contractors– but not for us at Premiere. We have been doing this type of work for many years. Our expertise is your assurance that you’ll enjoy your new or restored roof for a long time to come.

Commercial roofing service and installation in Charlotte

Commercial roofing in Charlotte NC bears little resemblance to its residential counterpart. The techniques and materials used are unique and call for advanced training. Otherwise, you may find your profits vanishing before your eyes as you pour money into fixing leaks and water damage. That’s why we invest in comprehensive training for our technicians. With their help, your building’s roof will receive the care it needs to protect your employees and equipment from Mother Nature’s worst.

Residential roofing service and installation in Charlotte

Your home shelters you and your loved ones from wind and rain. But being on duty 24/7 can take a toll on all parts of your residence, including the roof. Even minor damage to residential roofing can result in costly repair bills. That’s why we work so hard to protect homeowners from this common problem.

Whether it is made of metal, asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles, wooden shakes, or another material altogether, we invite you to call us today. We can help you with your residential roofing in Charlotte NC.

Gutter installation and repair in Charlotte

Some problems are easy to spot, while others take time for you to notice. Often this is the case with missing or damaged gutters. You may not know that your gutters are in trouble right now. However, it will become obvious over time as you deal with rotting timbers, mold or mildew, and foundation damage.

Luckily there’s an affordable fix to this problem. Call us today for help with your gutters in Charlotte NC. Depending on the issue, we’ll either repair your existing system or replace it with a new, more efficient layout, giving your home or business the long-term protection it deserves.

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Premiere Roofing & Gutters has been serving the people of North Carolina for more than 20 years. We’re members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, and we happily provide references from past and current clients. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.